GHEL Green Low Cost Housing

The Infographic

GHEL Low Cost Housing


The Challenge


With a 710 km long coast facing the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh is frequently preyed to natural hazards, such as floods, tropical cyclones, tornadoes and tidal bores. Since 75% of the households are still living in simple huts or houses made of mud, the consequences of these scourges are all the more disastrous. Many house destructions are noted every year in rural areas due to bad quality housing, poor components and wrong building practices. However, the government, international institutions and private bodies strive to strengthen Bangladesh against these threats.


The Solution


Therefore, GHEL Green Low Cost Housing has been designed to offer a resistant and decent home to every Bangladeshi households. The durability of GHEL Low Cost Housing, as well as the affordable prices and customized mode of payment, corresponds perfectly to the needs of low and middle-income people living in rural areas. Thanks to innovative construction materials, our houses are cost-effective and make a dent in carbon emissions, the main global warming pollutant. GHEL believes that housing solutions specifically designed for rural living conditions will have a significant impact on the economic situation and social status of families. In addition to providing comfortable living conditions, GHEL Green Low Cost Housing is designed to accommodate home grown businesses and foster the productivity of the household.




GHEL offers five different housing models (from 350 ft2 to 1,000 ft2) according to the client's needs. Each house contains a drawing room, a dining room, 2-3 bedrooms (master, child and guest), a kitchen, toilets and a veranda. All our houses are equipped with eco-friendly sanitation and water purification system. The GHEL Solar Home System and the GHEL Biogas Plant can be integrated in the houses to further decrease environmental impact and offer savings in living expense.

In order to make the project financially viable and attainable to its clients, GHEL offers a payment plan consisting of the following options:

  • 20% down payment at the time of order
  • 20% at the completion and handover of the house
  • 60 % in monthly instalments over a period of one to eight years

Once the clients have completed all the payments as per contract, the ownership of the house and all its facilities is transferred in full to the client.

Block Production Plant


To make a dent in the bad quality of life of million of Bangladeshis, GHEL has introduced blocks as an essential construction material to build safe, resistant and cost-efficient houses. Indeed, GHEL has started the production of blocks to provide construction farms with high quality and affordable building materials. From its factory in Bogra, GHEL manufactures 5 different models of cavity, hollow and solid blocks and can easily supply them throughout the country.

Thanks to state-of-the-art machinery, our blocks are produced according to a standardized and precise process. GHEL production plant has a capacity of 5,000 blocks per day to rapidly answer the demand and fulfil client's satisfaction. But within 3 years, GHEL plans to step up the production to 10,000 blocks per day. Additionally, our trained workforce maintains the flows and the high quality standard all along the block making process.


  • Blocks are eco-friendly and easy to make because they do not need to be cured in ovens
  • They have an appealing aesthetic with an elegant profile
  • Blocks are strength: they can resist earthquakes, cyclones and fire
  • A structure using blocks is 40% cheaper than the same one made of fired bricks